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I’ve built my career of 20+ years in a variety of roles and industries, mostly in retail sector where I've been not just a designer but also brand guardian, technology whiz, team leader and force for change. I’m not only used to wearing many hats, I sincerely enjoy it; I thrive in an environment where no two workdays are exactly the same.

I’m a passionate about up-skilling teams and leading the creative process. My long-term goal is to be a creative visionary within a leading company.

My mantra is let's make it awesome.


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Neil Withers

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Neil Withers

MY Skills


Over the years I have picked up many skills you'd expect from a print/digital designer and much more. I'm happy to bring these to skills to you.

Having used photoshop, illustrator and later indesign for the past 20 years I have become an expert, knowing all the tricks and how to do things just a bit better than everyone else. I don't mind passing this knowleged on to the team, espcially if it helps improve production speed allowing more time for the creative process.

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I reside in a sleepy village just out side of Hitchin.

Within easy reach of the M1, the A1(M) and Luton Airport getting around couldnt be easier. I can often be found in my home city London.

But now living in a quiet country village helps me be more creative and a source of inspiration. The best of both worlds.


Keep In Touch

Tel: 07730 508579

11 Lawns Close, Offley,
Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 3EJ